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The COCO HOUSE is a place where you can live, work, relax and socialise. The Social Spaces are a great place to work, share a meal or meet kindred spirits.

The COCO HOUSE are flexible home/office hybrids, also suitable for long stays, made for mobile professionals to live comfortably and work efficiently.

Who we are

COCO HOUSE is a cooperative property development team with a new perspective. We are an inspired team with a start-up mentality and a deeply creative and experienced approach to the work we do. This gives us the freedom to think differently, and helps us really understand the lives of the people our communities are made for.

What we do

We create better places for people to live and work. We design and build properties and workspaces designed to be the perfect platforms for life in the capital cities. Once we have built them, we stay involved, building real communities and growing alongside our members.

What we built

The first COCO HOUSE mission: The Panoramic is a dense mixed-use project located in the heart of Berlin and Frankfurt. With approx 300micro-apartments and 20 suites and 210 co-working suites and socialize space, it has a rooftop garden, public lounges on every floor, and a lively ground floor eatery/lounge and community kitchen “GYPSYTABLE”. The project is car-free, and a good example of Ultralight Urbanism.

Why Berlin at first

Berlin is booming – more and more people are attracted to the metropolis on the Spree. The demand for housing is correspondingly high, most modernly equipped and in a central location. Yearly more then 40.000 new residents until 2020, but only 60.000 new apartment will be built until 2020. In the last three years Berlin has an property capital growth of 9%, the growth of rent is more than 30% in the last four years. With a leak of more than 5.500 student apartments and more than 20.000 apartments is Berlin the hottest property market in Europe.

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