The COCO Resort & Residence Corfu Masterplan!


Our vision is the creation of a pioneering, luxury eco-destination that combines the virtues of sophisticated living and exquisite design with the utmost respect of the area’s natural beauty.

The main objective of the development is its harmonization with the national and local guidelines of spatial planning, conservation, and the protection of the area’s unique environmental features (the forest and natural wetlands). In this way, the project will help to strengthen the local economy of Corfu and make it a shining example of Greek tourism by attracting affluent visitors.

Alongside these core values is the minimal development of the area by limiting construction to three distinct and discrete areas that utilize earth tones in harmony with Corfu’s traditional architecture, as well as the maintenance of the area’s natural and unique beauty.

In regards to the development of Corfu our steadfast values are:
– Environmental respect
– A focus on personalised service
– Attention to detail 

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