we design tomorrow

From single properties to urban integrated city and tourism districts, we’re reimagining places with a focus on people. Our development projects span the cluster Masterplan, Cities Leasure, Hospitality, Residential, Toruism, Sport . The USP are new sustainability, technology and well-being solutions and shape the future of smart properties. The global reach of our business gives us vision and expertise, our organisation partners give us insights and nuances honed on-the-ground —together, they create successfull value.

The organisation-connecting things. The small things only a few will notice. We care about them all – equally. With Blackpencil, every interaction every day is exceptional, whatever the development class or geography. We never stop looking for ways to create value for our clients and partners. From day-to-day activities to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Placemaking to programming. Our approach starts with the incremental – and expands right out to the exponential.

We deal with different development possibilities from unmodernized industrial buildings, plots, roof areas with building potential to interesting plots that are not ready for construction. Over the years, we have planned many properties and conversions with or without building permits – and have played a key role in the planning of numerous commercial and residential conversions. Thanks to our long-standing network of experts, who we know both in the industry and as customers, we can develop palings for buildings that are increasingly difficult to find.


We use our 30 years of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Berlin real estate market and our extensive contact base to identify buildings and development areas with one or both of the following characteristics:

Opportunities that enable us to use our expertise in architecture, planning and construction to add value.

We apply clear, strategic thinking alongside forensic, practical management to increase the value of the properties we develop. This can be the improvement of the top-line performance by improving the conditions of use or the expansion of space, the improvement of the NOI by increasing efficiency or the use of our planning and development competence in the event of a change in use or redevelopment of a property.

Opportunities that offer the potential for “above-average growth”.

This can be due to changing supply-demand characteristics in a particular sector or sub-market, increased investment in local infrastructure, or changing social or demographic trends.