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F&W official representation in Germany includes the Office in Berlin, as well the Office in Bahrain. The role of F&W and their international Partners  based and locally-engaged  is to develop the relationship between Private Equity Investors, Family Offices, Funds across a number of investment classes as Real Estate, New Energy and visionary and future-oriented project developments, as well M&A.

The Investor Relations and Trade section supports  companies in achieving their commercial business objectives and Private Equity Investors  interested in investing in Real Estate  developments and initiates partnerships between Entrepreneurs, high-return projects  and Investors. F&W Trade and Investor Relation Service (MTIR) is a international network of professionals in International business development and investment management, with preferred access to project developments knowledge and contacts, who are committed to advancing Private Equity Investors interests.


F&W tries to ensure that its focus on quality, professionalism and delivery is reflected in the companies it works with. 
We believe partnerships are fundamental to success at every stage of the development and investment cycle. 
We aim to partner with funders, designers, contractors and agents who share our ambition and commitment to delivering high quality, sustainable buildings.


We offer Joint Ventures

We also develop real-estate projects as joint ventures, whereby the investment of the partner for a given project can be in the form of a monetary investment, land, or already developed project.