COCO House Leipzig Properties


Our focus is on creating ground-breaking spaces and the greatest possible experiences within them. By doing this, we’re redefining the way people can choose to live, work, travel and socialize in the lifestyle community of COCO. The Collective of COCO HOUSE is not your average property company. We are a new kind of organization, with an inspired team, a start-up mentality, and a deeply creative & experienced approach to the work we do.

COCO HOUSE Properties is a cooperative property concept and development team with a new perspective. This gives us the freedom to think differently and helps us really understand the lives of the people our COCO communities are made for.

We create better places for people to live, work, tarvel and socialize. We design and build properties to be the perfect platforms for life. Once we have built them, we stay involved, building real communities and growing alongside the members of the COCO community.

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