COCO House

Welcome to the launch of COCO House – a pioneering asset class that combines the diverse areas of co-living, micro living, new work, office and retail in a single unit. As a comprehensive HUB, COCO House not only offers unique living and working spaces, but also a wide range of services that are essential in a multi-use property. From world-class concierge service to all the amenities you need, COCO House aims to retain tenants while delivering outstanding returns.

The market for high-quality real estate properties, the inner-city hybrid HUB’S of co-working and co-living and new work in connection with serviced micro-apartments hub in top locations in Berlin, London and Paris has grown significantly again in the last 2 years.


The demand for residential real estate, new work offices and co-living/micro-apartments in the metropolitan region continues to be high and is constantly increasing, as is the demand for student residences and long-term apartments.


The metropolitan locations “Berlin, London and Paris” are clearly to be mentioned here, which are in the foreground: Berlin, because there remained many years in the evaluation of other German cities such as Hamburg and Munich and meanwhile should still have an interesting real estate market with a high demand, which carries out high investments The markets demand particularly attractiveness.


Our goal is to be involved in development projects in Berlin, London, and Paris in the coming years through careful site selection and acquisition and to successfully implement these project developments.


Our planned projects for CO-Living and CO-Working Hybrid HUB`S as well as the development of student dormitories have a high potential for appreciation and thus a lot of scope for development. The yield curve is cyclical as revenues are constant after completion and leasing and an additional profit can be made over a period of 3 to 5 years if the properties are subsequently sold.


For these attractive investments, we work with JV Private Equity Investors who participate in individual projects either as JV Private Equity or as JV Equity Holding Partners in the projects. The flexibility this creates and the independence from conventional mortgage loans is a major advantage in the project development business. We can react quickly to the market, are independent in the purchase and settlement negotiations and release the decisions to exit later – all in line with maximum sales results and a high IRR.


The prerequisite for investing in a development project or a purchase is that the COCO Organization can use its core competencies in acquisition, development, construction, structuring and marketing unhindered and thus be able to gain a competitive advantage and create value. A unique market position results from these core competencies and the focus on attractive niches of the real estate market.